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I have created this site to provide a mentorship opportunity for aspiring and well-established authors alike; those who choose to explore writing as an art form, and craft their work.

There are many brilliant writers who become best-sellers, and yet even they will agree that when they want to treat themselves to a literary adventure, they may have to resort to the classics.

I have been a writer since the age of eight, when I wrote Woodland Friends. I wrote for relaxation and to learn. Poetry came easily to me then, and now fables have become my main focus. I was fortunate to be given the name Victoria Theresa Fabling, and I am happy to be living up to that name as a motivational story-teller.

In addition to my passion for writing, I’m currently a life-coach for those ready to uncover the root cause of discord in their lives. In the course of this work, I can take you on a metaphysical journey. When I do, symbols and characters from your energy field present themselves to me. The ego would put up defenses if I tried to use normal counseling language; so, I don’t. I simply tell you a story which is unique and pertinent to you as a whole being, and you tend to ‘get it’ subliminally; your cells ‘literally’ change their minds about how to behave. There are many wonderful testimonials under Real Results on www.myspiritualmentor.com, proving my unique method of Spiritual healing is successful. (No religious beliefs are needed.)

A year ago I ‘down-loaded’ a fable from the Creative Source called Gingerbread Man. The technique, which I describe through this character, may be used to create the particular energy field you want to emit each day. You may want to emit efficiency energy one day, and pure joy the next … and so you can. Gingerbread Man is currently in Sample Fables. section. Perhaps you’d like to give this technique a try? (Tip: I found it banished stage fright.)

Rather than make his introduction lengthy, I encourage you to visit the tabs on my website to see what options resonate with you.


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